The Heron's Nest

Volume XIX, Number 4: December 2017

Haiku — page 9

for the wind milkweed

Brad Bennett
Arlington, Massachusetts

board meeting
the cricket
has the floor

Jeff Hoagland
Hopewell, New Jersey

only the wake
at the river's bend
autumn light

martin gottlieb cohen
Egg Harbor, New Jersey

rising floodwater
the flag and pole laid
on a pew

Bill Cooper
Midlothian, Virginia

splitting pills
for the arthritic dog...
autumn equinox

Julie Warther
Dover, Ohio

thick fog...
the merchant drops his bell
and calls out his wares

Barnabas I. Adeleke
Okuku, Osun State

selling the house—
a leaf imprint
in the sidewalk

P M F Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

a whisper
between friends—
turning aspen

Sondra Byrnes
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yom Kippur—
a candle
for Santoka too

Ruth Holzer
Herndon Virginia

Indian summer
was I ever the man
I used to be

Bill Kenney
New York, New York

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