The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 2: June 2016

Haiku — page 5

4am quiet
the world starts
outlining itself

Kasturi Jadhav
Mumbai, Mahrashtra

rusted little fence
around grandmother's grave
my one memory

Jean Jorgensen
Edmonton, Alberta

dried corn stalks...
missing the neighbor
I never spoke to

Kyle D. Craig
Indianapolis, Indiana

mostly cloudy—
waving to a stranger
I thought I knew

Paul David Mena
Cochituate, Massachusetts

name tag
the scarlet oak
introduces itself

Jonathan Roman
Yonkers, New York

the skull of something
in the crawlspace

Michael Dylan Welch
Sammamish, Washington

autumn twilight—
the last pill
sticks to my tongue

Joshua Gage
Cleveland, Ohio

along a stone wall
the wind chill factor

Brad Bennett
Arlington, Massachusetts

cold night
the smart phone
rejects my touch

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

winter solstice...
the reverse side
of the needlepoint

Julie Warther
Dover, Ohio

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