The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 1: March 2019

Haiku — page 8

winter sunrise
icing slides down the side
of a cinnamon roll

Matthew Moffett
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

snowy day
we hold a taste test
of the variety pack

Mary Stevens
Hurley, New York

pick-up game
this way and that
sneaker squeaks

Tom Clausen
Ithaca, New York

still sleeping
on my side of the bed
Valentine's Day

Patricia Kopanda
DeMotte, Indiana

a new nurse
every time I visit
winter rain

Marcus Larsson
Växjö, Sweden

long winter night
I show him my scar
in the shape of the moon

Lucy Whitehead
Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

twenty below...
just one star makes it
through each window

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont

deep winter—
the seed packets

Mark E. Brager
Columbia, Maryland

wine cellar
the cheese missing
from the trap

Joe McKeon
Strongsville, Ohio

moonless night
my breath
lost between stars

Kat Lehmann
New Haven, Connecticut

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