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Favorites from 2002

The Heron’s Nest

a haikai journal ...


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Volume V, Number 12: December, 2003.
Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Leatrice Lifshitz

Matthew Louviere

Robert Gibson

In Memoriam

Leatrice Lifshitz
1933 - 2003

leafless trees
and beyond them leafless trees
and the highway

at the edge
just as I let my hair down
the blue heron flies


Matthew Louviere
1930 - 2003

stopped by a fence
the Milky Way

empty beach house
a seashell left
on the windowsill


Robert Gibson
1923 - 2003

cats sunning
I speak their names
their tails twitch

auld lang syne
and those i would hug
                     far away


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