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Volume XII, Number 4: December, 2010.
Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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In Memory of Peggy



In 2002, the same year I invited Peggy to become a Heron's Nest editor, she invited me to write an introduction to her forthcoming book, To Hear The Rain. I was delighted, having greatly admired Peggy's haiku for many years. In my introduction, I chose several poems from the collection to illustrate her virtuosity. Peggy has now flown from The Nest and from the world of nests: her family and many, many friends. Though she will remain in our hearts, mine aches with loss while at once it celebrates all she left for us. In tribute, I offer lines from three of Peggy's poems that I chose to introduce her book, adding to them a few of my own words, with deep respect and gratitude:

a layer of blue silk
the cloudless void
she leaves

cold wind
The Heron's Nest
one desk short

the hand we reached for
when in the dark

I miss you, Peggy. The grace with which you lived your life will forever inspire mine.

Christopher Herold





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