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Here, thanks to readers of The Heron’s Nest, are some of the most widely scrutinized English-language haiku of 2011. The Editors deeply appreciate the time and thought devoted by our readers to these selections.

Seventy voters provided us with their top selections of Volume XIII poems. We published 510 poems during 2011. Three hundred nine of them received votes. Here are the poems selected and rated most highly.

And now on to the results!


Grand Prize:
POEM OF THE YEAR (13 nominations, totaling 89 points)

a deceased friend
taps me on the shoulder —
plum blossoms falling            
          — Chen-ou Liu (June Issue)


First Runner-up: (12 nominations, totaling 84 points)

migrating geese —
the things we thought we needed
darken the garage

          — Chad Lee Robinson (March issue)

Second Runner-up: (10 nominations, totaling 83 points)

how to dress her
for eternity —
blossom rain
          — Carolyn Hall (March issue)

Third Runner-up: (11 nominations, totaling 67 points)

shanty town —
the jagged edges
of moonlight
          —  Sanjukta Asopa (September issue)


Other popular poems:

59 points: “gunshot” - Gregory Hopkins - June
52 points: “a drop of pond” - Brad Bennett - June
51 points: “fording the river” - Jim Kacian - June
49 points: “the difference” - Bill Kenney - September
45 points: “between two farms” - Michael McClintock - December
38 points: “white butterfly” - Robert Epstein - December
36 points: “old cemetery” - Susan Constable - March
36 points: “aftershock” - Melissa Spurr - March
35 points: “pan-fried trout” - Dave Baldwin - December
35 points: “lonely is a place” - Francine Banwarth - December
35 points: “telephoto lens” - Carolyn Hall - December



This category represents the total number of points awarded each poet for their entire body of work in Volume XIII. The most poems an individual can have accepted in The Nest each year is eight. Obviously, the more poems a person publishes, the greater chances she or he had of attracting votes. No poet had eight poems in Volume XIII. Two poets had seven poems and three had six.

To put into perspective how well the winners did: we published poems by 250 poets during 2011 and the average total points for combined works this year was 15.


POET OF THE YEAR (20 nominations, naming 4 of 7 poems published in Volume XIII = 135 points)

Carolyn Hall


First Runner-up: (17 nominations, naming 3 of 3 poems published = 110 points)

Chen-ou Liu

Second Runner-up: (14 nominations for 5 of 5 poems = 108 points)

Jim Kacian

Third Runner-up (tie): 15 nominations, naming 4 of 5 poems published = 106 points)

Michael McClintock

(16 nominations, naming 3 of 5 poems published = 106 points)

Chad Lee Robinson

Other Popular Poets:

Francine Banwarth (4 of 5 poems totaled 100 points)

Susan Constable (4 of 5 poems totaled 84 points)

Sanjukta Asopa (3 of 4 poems totaled 79 points)

Christopher Herold (6 of 7 poems totaled 75 points)

Gregory Hopkins (2 of 2 poems totaled 70 points)

Yu Chang (5 of 5 poems totaled 66 points)

Bill Kenney (3 of 4 poems totaled 66 points)

John Barlow (6 of 6 poems totaled 58 points)

Brad Bennett (2 of 2 poems totaled 58 points)

Ann K. Schwader (5 of 6 poems totaled 58 points)

Lorin Ford (4 of 5 poems totaled 56 points)

Jennifer Gomol Popolis (5 of 5 poems totaled 55 points)

Hilary Tann (3 of 3 poems totaled 54 points)

Glenn G. Coats (4 of 4 poems totaled 53 points)

Kirsty Karkow (3 of 4 poems totaled 53 points)

The editors of The Heron’s Nest extend our hearty congratulations to all of the above listed poets. And we offer our thanks to the readers who have made these selections. A more complete report and readers’ comments on some of these poems and others will be included in the print edition of Volume XIII.

John Stevenson
Managing Editor