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Volume XV, Number4: December 2013.

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picking parsley
a leopard frog
evades my hand    

Merrill Ann Gonzales
Dayville, Connecticut


sprigs of mint
in a blue mason jar
twilight breeze

Pat Tompkins
San Mateo, California


cow bells
floating over the breeze
wild oregano

  Angela Terry
          Lake Forest Park, Washington


old enough
to just listen
trout rising

  Bruce H. Feingold
Berkeley, California


in the fixed eye
of a goldfinch

  Victor Ortiz
San Pedro, California



calloused hands
the carpenter smoothes
his daughter's gown  

Robert Witmer
Tokyo, Japan


waning blue moon . . .
saplings growing
in the cat lady's gutters

Curtis Dunlap
Mayodan, North Carolina


wild hyacinth
mother's will
in the post

frances angela
London, United Kingdom


melting away my pain—garden dew

Pravat Kumar
Padhy, Odisha, India


the garden wedding
some things
already dead

  LeRoy Gorman
Napanee, Ontario, Canada

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