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Volume XV, Number4: December 2013.

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corn maze
at every turn
autumn quickens

  Ross Plovnick
St. Louis Park, Minnesota


twilight in the trees
just enough
to watch a falling leaf

Edward Foreman
Downers Grove, Illinois


unable to open
the door
she slammed

Owen Bullock
Katikati, New Zealand 


how long can I hold 
my breath
autumn deepens

Eve Luckring
Los Angeles, California


deepening autumn—
the stumble comes as stumbles
seem to do

Alison Woolpert
Santa Cruz, California



walking the rails—
a whistle of wind
in my Styrofoam cup

  Jennifer Corpe
Wyoming, Minnesota


the sound of anklets
all night rain

Sanjukta Asopa
Karnataka, India


stumping for votes
the sound of wind
on a microphone

Alan S. Bridges
                     Littleton, Massachusetts


smoketown dawn
a rogue rooster's
corrugated cry

Kristen Renée Miller
Louisville, Kentucky


old stone walls
the hands
that made them

Hilary Tann
Schuylerville, New York

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