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Volume XV, Number4: December 2013.

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shorter days . . .
spiderlings set out
for their corners

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York


in recovery
all day a fly
between panes

LeRoy Gorman
                      Napanee, Ontario, Canada


police: Get on the ground!
no snow
for us to make angels

Tyrone McDonald
Brooklyn, New York


below the sheen 
of starlight on the pond
a food chain

George Swede
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


far upriver—
the villages
with nothing to sell  

Ruth Holzer
Herndon, Virginia



winter solstice
commuters stand still
on the escalators  

Anna Maris
Tomelilla, Sweden


red-tailed hawk
on a telephone pole . . .
the prairie listens  

Debbie Strange
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


silent on the war
my father points out
the winter stars

Stephen Kusch
Oakland, California 


crows cawing
from one hollow’s frost
to the next

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont


last quarter moon—
the scrape of a blade
on the whetstone

Lorin Ford
                Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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