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Volume XIV, Number 2: June, 2012.

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Deborah P Kolodji

Michele Root-Bernstein

Marcus Larsson

Carolyn Hall

Palona Oblak

Bill Pauly

Thomas W. Schuring

Djuro Jaiye

Alan Summers

Tom Rault

olive sea
I disappear into another
gray day

Deborah P Kolodji
Temple City, California


too late
to call him dad
autumn leaves

Marcus Larsson
Växjö, Sweden


autumn sunset
the flutter of the sail
as it loses wind

Polona Oblak
Ljubljana, Slovenia


pale moon
my childhood gone
with her last breath

Thomas W. Schuring
Cary, Illinois


baby photos
from my birth mother . . .
how do I say hello to me

Alan Summers
Bradford on Avon, England



lame doe at dusk
shifting the weight
of my day

Michele Root-Bernstein
East Lansing, Michigan


Mom's ashes pass
through airport security
autumn evening

Carolyn Hall
San Francisco, California


first night of fall . . .
most of the moon
spills through the leaves

Bill Pauly
Dubuque, Iowa


another dream
about the otherworld—
pressed flowers

Duro Jaiye
Hirakata, Japan


old postcard
a steamship voyage
on a stamp

Tom Rault
Oss, The Netherlands



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