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Volume XV, Number4: December 2013.

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mountain trickle
down in the valley
it gets a name

Andy Burkhart
Cincinnati, Ohio


taking in the battlefield
in little hops

  Michael McClintock
Clovis, California 


     the Holocaust
and morning coffee
bind two old friends  

Conrad Bishop
Sebastopol, California 


summer vacation—
grandmother's stories stretch from
sunrise to sunset

Charishma Navneet Gupta
Muscat, Oman


the butterscotch scent
of ponderosa pine . . .
a bluebird's soft calls

Allan Burns
Colorado Springs, Colorado



next to me in the park
feeding the ducks
the unknown soldier

  Bonnie Stepenoff
Girardeau, Missouri


tornado warning
the meteorologist
continues to smile

  Collin Barber
Memphis, Tennessee


the coffee turns
to wine

Tom Clausen
Ithaca, New York


creek-side rope swing
learning the art
of letting go

Carolyn Coit Dancy
Pittsford, New York


into the cool night air
the call of an owl  

Susan Antolin
                          Walnut Creek, California

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