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Volume XV, Number 2: June 2013.

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dune roses
denim softened
by clothesline sun

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York


the day ends
as it begins—
heron in the sun

Sandi Pray
                        Robbinsville, North Carolina


the horse’s silhouette
heads for the barn

June Rose Dowis
Shreveport, Louisiana


when luxury
is a Therm-a-Rest pad
scent of pine

Deborah P Kolodji
Temple City, California


no home
to come home to
      star-gazer lilies

Carolyn Hall
San Francisco, California



no clock
in the post office—
August afternoon

Ruth Holzer
Herndon, Virginia


back porch swing
the little league umpire
retires his mask

Bill Cooper
Richmond, Virginia


august evening
the gentle light
of the Hamm's Beer sign

Clyde Glandon
Tulsa, Oklahoma


tonight's stars—
how long will it take
for my light to reach them?          

Michael Dylan Welch
                            Sammamish, Washington


purple dawn
the stillness of a crane hook
in the city port

K. Ramesh
Chennai, India

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