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Volume XIV, Number 2: June, 2012.

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Chen-ou Liu

Paul David Mena

Robyn Hood Black

Connie Donleycott


Polona Oblak

Hilary Tann

Stephen Kusch

J. Zimmerman

Dan Schwerin

a grain of rice
on the mayor's face . . .
New Year's Levee

Chen-ou Liu
Ajax, Ontario, Canada


winter chill
turkey vultures circling
one of their own

Robyn Hood Black
Gainesville, Georgia


long train
the roundness of snow
on tanker cars

Westfir, Oregon


winter tulips
as they enter the vase

Hilary Tann
Schuylerville, New York


rabbits at dusk
as if foxes did not also
love twilight

J. Zimmerman
Santa Cruz, California

the gym crowded
with resolutions

Paul David Mena
Cochituate, Massachusetts


forcasted storm . . .
the low-battery
in my kindle

Connie Donleycott
Bremerton, Washington


hunger moon
the sound of squirrel teeth
on a hazelnut

Polona Oblak
Ljubljana, Slovenia


winter mist
at the stoplight pink sneakers
keep running

Stephen Kusch
Oakland, California


lent is over
a bartender flips
the coaster

Dan Schwerin
Greendale, Wisconsin



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