The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 4: December 2014

Haiku — page 10

third day of rain
the sofa out of place
an inch

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont

even on calm days
these coastal trees remember
which winds prevail

David J Kelly
Dublin, Ireland

leaning into
an Achilles stretch
autumn deepens

J. Zimmerman
Santa Cruz, California

a windless skin amnesia

Markeith Chavous
Valencia, California

scent of the hills
when all you can see
are their outlines

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont

starlight or hoarfrost—
which magic to believe?

Stuart Bartow
Salem, New York

all but two
close their eyes—
evening prayer

Melissa Watkins Starr
Portsmouth, Virginia

emergency room
pieces of autumn leaves
litter the floor

Andy Burkhart
Cincinnati, Ohio

first snow
my children shed
20 years

Roberta Beary
Bethesda, Maryland

first Christmas
uneven baby footprints
on newly fallen snow

Payal A Agarwal
Delhi, India

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