The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 4: December 2014

Haiku — page 3

gathering light
shrimping boats stir
the salted mist

Sage Stone
Shalimar, Florida

rainy season
time slows down
on a banana slug trail

Claudia Chapline
Stinson Beach, California

stringing memories—
now I fly the kite
for father

Yesha Shah
Surat, India

long train journey...
a baby boy talks to his brother
in his own language

K. Ramesh
Chennai, India

for as long as I can remember soap bubbles

Laura Williams
Canyon Country, California

shifting mist
a rocky outcrop
of wallabies

Lorin Ford
Melbourne, Australia

a robin's egg
on cobble stones

Giselle Maya
St. Martin de Castillon, France

rain beads
the scent of her

Elmedin Kadric
Helsingborg, Sweden

with each pull of oar,
tadpoles scatter
from the lily pads

John Wisdom
Sarasota, Florida

in the two inches provided
   the car-bound dog
            sniffs the world

Mark Dailey
Poultney, Vermont

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