The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016

Haiku — page 10

wet earth—
a hen bares termites
to its chicks

Blessmond Alebna Ayinbire
Bolgatanga, Ghana

slowing train...
the stare of a bullock
standing in a stream

Thomas Powell
Gilford, County Down
Northern Ireland

sultry night
she proposes a slice
of key lime pie

Tom Painting
Atlanta, Georgia

wedding balloons—
the squeak and squeal
of tying a knot

Susan Constable
Parksville, British Columbia

Grandma's promise
a bowl of cherries
when tomorrow comes

Guliz Mutlu
Ankara, Turkey

pebble beach
tide by tide
wave by wave

Simon Hanson
Tamborine, Queensland

suicide spot—
the artless rise of fulmars
on an updraught

Matthew Paul
Surbiton, Surrey
United Kingdom

sunken stream
a glimpse of the towhee
mostly song

Rick Tarquinio
Bridgeton, New Jersey

the languid arc
of a koi's fin
rippled dusk

Jay Friedenberg
New York, New York

gleaming milky way—
the ratchet
of the frog's throat

Earl Livings
Melbourne, Victoria

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