The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016

Haiku — page 6

morning sunshine
a doe up to her shoulders
in sweet corn

Mary Stevens
Hurley, New York

raspberry thicket
a rabbit hides
its heartbeat

Joy Reed MacVane
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

dusk-deep clouds
the rumble of a freight train
shakes loose a star

Rick Tarquinio
Bridgeton, New Jersey

walk-off double
the pitcher tastes the string
of his glove

Bill Cooper
Midlothian, Virginia

two chairs mid-lawn
the morning after

Hilary Tann
Schuylerville, New York

settling any doubt a sudden cloud of goldfinches

Simon Chard,
Dumfriesshire, Scotland

lost in the full moon...
a mosquito
brings me back

Sujan Ratan
Ratlam, India

ending summer
a rowboat
tied to fog

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California

forgetting names
starlight through a hole
in the overcast

Christopher Herold
Port Townsend, Washington

dragonfly on the clothesline
the sun shifts
from wing to wing

Ian Willey
Takamatsu, Kagawa

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