The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016

Haiku — page 8

the echo
of the empty stables
autumn stillness

Rachel Sutcliffe
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

making it
look easy
autumn leaves

Bill Kenney
Whitestone, New York

long noodles
entangled in a bowl—
autumn deepens

Ken Sawitri
Blora, Indonesia

smiling pumpkins
a little girl carries
her wings

Ann Magyar
Brighton, Massachusetts

night frost
I can hear the moonlight
creaking in the garden

Maria Tomczak
Opole, Poland

nearly deaf—
the beautiful songs
of crows

Christopher Herold
Port Townsend, Washington

Veteran's Day
strong winds show up
for little flags

Jeanne Cook
South Bend, Indiana

the pet hawk shuffles
along his perch—
autumn wind

Peter Barnes
San Diego, California

feathers we're allowed
to keep—
November wind

Cherie Hunter Day
Menlo Park, California

another game show
my mother settles down
into her shadow

John Hawkhead
Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
United Kingdom

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