The Heron's Nest

Volume XIX, Number 4: December 2017

Haiku — page 5

the final splash
of a skipping stone
Fourth of July

Glenn G. Coats
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

fossil beach his paw print on the rock

frances angela
London, England

bayside waves—
the pulse
along her neck

Dan Salontai
Chandler, Arizona

surf's edge
foam pearls
into itself

Robert Moyer
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

ripening mangoes
the sunset
between batwings

Gavin Austin
Sydney, Australia

wind scent
parting the curtains
to let in the forest

Sanjuktaa Asopa
Karnataka, India

meditation retreat
all the different sounds
of the lyrebird

Kieran O'Connor
Sydney Australia

over our feet
the future curves
with the river

Gary Hotham
Scaggsville, Maryland

summer lightning—
the vanilla scent
of ponderosa pine

Lew Watts
Santa Fe, New Mexico

hot night—
the drawbridge rumbles
under passing cars

Stephen Kusch
Oakland, California

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