The Heron's Nest

Volume XX, Number 4: December 2018

Haiku — page 8

gathering dark
a broken antler
in the leaf litter

Paul Chambers
Newport, Wales

   winter chill
  I press harder
on the rolling pin

Sushma A. Singh
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

pings of sleet
adding a fourth button
to her gingerbread man

Bill Cooper
Naples, Florida

winter night
tapioca pearls glint
in a chipped bowl

Padma Thampatty
Wexford, Pennsylvania

a long winter—
just the noise of my spoon
in the soup

Antonietta Losito
Mottola, Italy

deep winter
waking to the smell
of yesterday's stew

Barb Behrendt
Cambridge, Minnesota

snowed in the round silence of tumbleweeds

Debbie Strange
Winnipeg, Manitoba

morning stillness
the empty bird table
buried under snow

Rachel Sutcliffe
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

February rain leaves I never raked

Matthew Cariello
Columbus, Ohio

in the garden
she left behind

Bill Kenney
Whitestone, New York

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