The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 4: December 2019

Haiku — page 10

ebb tide
first strands of gray
in my daughter's hair

Carolyn Hall
San Francisco, California

no longer attached
to the old grief...
autumn leaves

Kat Lehmann
New Haven, Connecticut

crickets' thrum
another seed
spins to earth

Frank Hooven
Morrisville, Pennsylvania

his hobby
becomes a second career...
windfall apples

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York

hiking alone
my monologue
to the fallen leaves

Wonja Brucker
Duanesburg, New York

lone autumn day
every handkerchief

Eva Limbach
Saarbrucken, Germany

full moon—
a raven sheds
its darkness

Elisa Theriana
Bandung, Indonesia

while we're here the planetarium

Christopher Patchel
Chicago, Illinois

the prescription
   a little stronger
      october aspens

Matthew Markworth
Mason, Ohio

large stones
at the edge of the path

Jennifer Hambrick
Columbus, Ohio

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