The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 4: December 2019

Haiku — page 3

struggling against the wind
a child
and her welcome home sign

Mark Teaford
Napa, California

garden shop
the kid in me finds
the wind chimes

Ben Moeller-Gaa
St. Louis, Missouri

a flock of bushtits
sprinkles in sprinkles out

Lyle Rumpel
Victoria, British Columbia

this memory
out of nowhere
early morning rain

Jennifer Hambrick
Columbus, Ohio

hearing loss...
a hearse passing
in the rain

Francine Banwarth
Dubuque, Iowa

dappled light
the voice a crow has
for its young

Polona Oblak
Ljubljana, Slovenia

spring sunshine
the clean sheets
of perfect strangers

Robert Witmer
Tokyo, Japan

Long Barrow...
the never-stillness
of swallows

Claire Everett
Northallerton, North Yorkshire

driving lesson
he practices
leaving home

Annette Makino
Arcata, California

against the tilth...
evening hare

Simon Chard
Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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