The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 2: June 2014.

Haiku — page 10

daylight slips away
the warm shadow within
the Thanksgiving turkey

Tyrone McDonald
Brooklyn, New York

in our happy faces
giant snowflakes

Duro Jaiye
Hirakata, Japan

another exception
to the rule
dried persimmons

Angela Terry
Lake Forest Park, Washington

long night
the fine print
of contraindications

Michele Root-Bernstein
East Lansing, Michigan

Christmas train
travelling with
the child within

David Jacobs
London, United Kingdom

another year
the odds and ends
of her crazy quilt

Tom Painting
Atlanta, Georgia

my thoughts too
have lost their foliage
winter night

Peter McDonald
Fresno, California

Russian birches
tracks of trotting turkeys
in the snow

Kirsty Karkow
Waldoboro, Maine

winter squall
the bittersweet
fills with starlings

Hilary Tann
Schuylerville, New York

sleepless night
learning the shape
of darkness

Anna Mazurkiewicz
Chelm, Poland

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