The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 2: June 2014.

Haiku — page 11

wind chimes
the sound of winter
piercing my bones

Marcus Liljedahl
Gothenburg, Sweden

a frog-shaped stone
by the pond

Giselle Maya
St. Martin de Castillon, France

coffee art
I postpone
the first sip

Maria Kowal-Tomczak
Opole, Poland

Valentine's Day
the heat
in the fajita

Alice Frampton
Seabeck, Washington

the shapes of last year's leaves
leached into the concrete

Christopher Herold
Port Townsend, Washington

Ash Wednesday
the stamp on my hand
from last night

Brandon Bordelon
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

stained glass
the way christ responds
to march sunlight

Robert Epstein
El Cerrito, California

spring thaw
another tine
of the antler

Marsh Muirhead
Bemidji, Minnesota

concertina echoes...
the gnarled trunk
of an olive tree

Deborah P Kolodji
Temple City, California

against the blue sky—
my retirement plan

Tanya McDonald
Woodinville, Washington

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