The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 2: June 2014.

Haiku — page 12

plastic bags
shine in the sun
osprey's nest

David Oates
Athens Georgia

still waters
a thousand scoters
wing to wing

Susan Constable
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

returning geese
I add a leaf
to the table

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York

how to spell
the nuthatch's call—
delivery truck in reverse

Tanya McDonald
Woodinville, Washington

still unpacking a pair of wrens in the long grass

frances angela
London, England

honeybees sway
on the snowdrops
one of her good days

Mary Frederick Ahearn
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

mallards swim
in the aqueduct
he's family now

kate s. godsey
Pacifica, California

rumble of the train
taking me farther
from frog songs

Asni Amin

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