The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 2: June 2016

Haiku — page 10

thunder clouds
evening wind thrashes
the barley field

Gavin Austin
Sydney, Australia

summer evening
a brush of honey
in the leaves

Harrison Synnott
Wanaka, Otago
New Zealand

toward dusk
a wood thrush sings
his end of summer song

Meredith Ackroyd
Afton, Virginia

first full moon
paper lanterns rise
to meet the stars

Barbara A. Taylor
Mountain Top, New South Wales

the high bridge
from here the sea
shows its age

Ian Willey
Takamatsu, Kagawa

early moon
the smooth wake
of a squid boat

Ian Willey
Takamatsu, Kagawa

a dragonfly returns
with my shadow

Rajandeep Garg
Sangrur, Punjab

a white stone
among white stones
morning moon

Rick Tarquinio
Bridgeton, New Jersey

sweet gums turning—
the steeple painter
dips his brush

Robert Gilliland
Austin, Texas

Quaker meeting
the rasp of leaves
against the walk

Mary Stevens
Hurley, New York

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