The Heron's Nest

Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017

Haiku — page 2

rain pause—
the green mountains' tops
where clouds can sit

Gillena Cox
St James, Trinidad and Tobago

evening breeze
winding through war graves
the scent of mown grass

John Hawkhead
Bradford on Avon, United Kingdom

basking turtles
the wet shell
of the new arrival

Hannah Mahoney
Cambridge, Massachusetts

gibbous moonlight
into our dome tent—
your warm curves

Ruth Yarrow
Ithaca, New York

the nearest star in lightyears after his death

Cherie Hunter Day
Menlo Park, California

greetings from:
the artificial colors of
a vintage postcard

Pat Tompkins
San Mateo, California

animal crackers...
saving the elephants
for my granddaughter

Andy Burkhart
Cincinnati, Ohio

watering roses
a toad baptized
from the pour spout

Marilyn Fleming
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

the forbearance
of being toyed with
castle-moat crab

Barbara Snow
Eugene, Oregon

bat wings wrap
my one and only

Lucky Triana
Malang, East Java

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