The Heron's Nest

Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017

Haiku — page 8

summer rain
leftover seed
sprouts from the nest

Gregory Piko
Yass, Australia

crescent moon
a June bug
fills the telescope

Tom Sacramona
Plainville, Massachusetts

the bridal arch
white butterfly

J. Zimmerman
Santa Cruz, California

flipping a page
of the mazurka score
willow-tree wind

Ernest Wit
Warsaw, Poland

canyon precipice
the eaglet's peeps
falling away

Warren Gossett
Twin Falls, Idaho

sound of water
accepting more—

Gillena Cox
St James, Trinidad and Tobago

summer night—
the stars
and my neighbors' voices

Ross Vassiliev
Delaware, Ohio

river moon
the slow bend
of the blues

Ben Moeller-Gaa
St. Louis, Missouri

moth wings—
bottle gourd flowers
open to the night

Tomislav Maretić
Zagreb, Croatia

coyote's wail—
even the known world

Bonnie Stepenoff
Chesterfield, Missouri

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