The Heron's Nest

Volume XX, Number 2: June 2018

Haiku — page 2

waking up early...
I listen to the forest
waking up

K. Ramesh
Chennai, India

she finds a pebble
worth keeping

John Hawkhead
Bradford on Avon
United Kingdom

hindu temple—
the stone mason's hands
fashion a princess

Gregory Piko
Yass, Australia

each mindful crease
                     of the origami crane
        August morning

Michael Dudley
Minto, Ontario

skinny dip
the taste of salt
on her earlobe

William Scott Galasso
Edmonds, Washington

washing machine
our unmentionables

Yvette Nicole Kolodji
Temple City, California

dog days
squeaks from the sprinkler
become squeals

Adelaide B. Shaw
Millbrook, New York

a piercing cry
Noh Theater actors
become their masks

Carmen Sterba
University Place, Washington

weak battery...
the sound of the surf
in my hearing aid

Elinor Pihl Huggett
Lakeville, Indiana

mild breeze—
the scent of summer
neatly stacked in hay bales

Anna Jaworski
Berlin, Germany

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