The Heron's Nest

Volume XX, Number 2: June 2018

Haiku — page 5

new year's eve
the mildewed box
of noisemakers

George Dorsty
Yorktown, Virginia

after all is said and done winter

Francine Banwarth
Dubuque, Iowa

sun on snow—
dark tree shadows
from middle-earth

Hilary Tann
Schuylerville, New York

winter wind
before her answer
the breath she takes

Jennifer Roman
Millstone, New Jersey

slow mallard steps
in the frozen harbor
a clanging halyard

Bill Cooper
Midlothian, Virginia

winter stillness
the dog gets up
to go lie down

John Hawk
Columbus, Ohio

ginger tea
the glow of embers
in the wood stove

Susan B. Auld
Arlington Heights, Illinois

snow thumping
from the trees
Valentine's Day

Alice Frampton
Seabeck, Washington

our eyes
touch and linger
hawk on a wire

Sandi Pray
Saint Johns, Florida

winter road
long coats

Tom Drescher
Rossland, British Columbia

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