The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 2: June 2019

Haiku — page 10

deepening dusk—
an owl settles in
its timbre

Steve Tabb
Boise, Idaho

file by pile harvest moon

Christopher Patchel
Chicago, Illinois

rub line...
a buck and cedar
swapping scent

Rick Tarquinio
Woodruff, New Jersey

the stack of classics
I've yet to read—
autumn flowers

PMF Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

more sky
than leaves
autumn deepens

Ann K. Schwader
Westminster, Colorado

no one
made arrangements
the last leaf

Jeanne Cook
South Bend, Indiana

the muscle memory
of prayer

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York

old cookbook
trying the recipes marked
with jam

Kimberly Anderson
Ithaca, New York

winter solstice
a bone releases its marrow
to the stock pot

Alan S. Bridges
Littleton, Massachusetts

year's end
a tinfoil swan
full of leftovers

Matthew Moffett
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

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