The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 2: June 2019

Haiku — page 12

town landfill
exhaust vents
painted green

Wonja Brucker
Duanesburg, New York

spring melancholy
a cobweb on the ceiling
my broom can't reach

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California

mist rising
from the valley

Stephen Toft
Lancaster, United Kingdom

a rowing team
slices the mist

Gavin Austin
Sydney, Australia

in a hollowed-out rock—
mourning dove's call

Jerome Gagnon
Hayward, California

barely moving
in the tiny garden
spring sunlight

Sarah Paul
London, England

spring breeze
the new clothesline
announces a birth

Carol Raisfeld
New York, New York

quiet cemetery
the same bike leaning
on a different grave

David Jacobs
London, England

between gusts silence settles the blossoms

Don Baird
Palmdale, California

the porch
when the lilac's shadow reaches
beyond its scent

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont

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