The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 2: June 2019

Haiku — page 6

wind in the eaves
winter tunes
its one string

Ed Granger
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

under cover of darkness darker still

Michael Henry Lee
Saint Augustine, Florida

lonely server
marrying ketchup bottles
ten till close

Ryan McCarty
Ypsilanti, Michigan

night bus
the emptiness
well lit

Bryan Rickert
Belleville, Illinois

winter moon...
how many blocks away
from my childhood

Norie Umeda
Osaka, Japan

ICU family room
a thousand pieces
to the puzzle

Francine Banwarth
Dubuque, Iowa

approaching storm
I take the path
with paw prints

Robbie Coburn
Melbourne, Australia

the slow train...
deeper and deeper
into snow country

Duro Jaiye
Hirakata, Japan

just landing
          and lifting...
winter sparrows

John Barlow
Ormskirk, England

sun on snow
a second forest
of shadows

Hilary Tann
Schenectady, New York

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