The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 1: March 2015

Haiku — page 4

the depth of the lake
still in question—
autumn chill

Angela Terry
Lake Forest Park, Washington

first autumn evening
at my daughter's grave
our shadows

Lenard D. Moore
Raleigh, North Carolina

closing my eyes
to find it
cricket's song

Billy Antonio
Laoac, Pangasinan

sphagnum moss
the secret to
where fog lives

Andrea Eldridge
Claremont, California

Lunar eclipse
a silverfish
inside the ephemeris

Alexis Rotella
Annapolis, Maryland

                                               behind me
                               the years
fading sunflowers

Dietmar Tauchner
Puchberg, Austria

a cool mist rises
from the old horse's back—
the last tourist leaves

Erling Friis-Baastad
Whitehorse, Yukon

tree stump
an ant scurries across
three wars

John J. Dunphy
Alton, Illinois

ship's log
the marginalia
tinged with salt

Mark E. Brager
Columbia, Maryland

blood moon...
once again I check
my baby's pulse

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă
Botoşani, Romania

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