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The Heron's Nest

Volume XVIII, Number 1: March 2016

Haiku — page 3

half my life gone the violence of mating butterflies

Sandra Simpson
Tauranga, New Zealand

cloudless sky
Mt. Fuji
between my fingers

Jonathan Roman
Yonkers, New York

in the eyes of the fish
caught in the net

Nicholas Klacsanzky
Kyiv, Kyivski Oblast

dry land
the dung reaper
picks the span of the barn

Ayisi Gordon Gullanyi
Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region

I drink tea facing
the hill's silence

K. Ramesh
Chennai, India

blue skimmer
the clarity of creeksong
after the rain

Robert Gilliland
Austin, Texas

bird trill
a wish to bottle it
for winter listening

Madhuri Pillai
Melbourne, Australia

green pond shoots
                waving their blue
      dragonfly tails

Lawrence William Berggoetz
Addison, Texas

foothill haze
the fading indigo
of old denims

Barbara Snow
Eugene, Oregon

silent sunset—
the prairie sprouts
two long white ears

Erling Friis-Baastad
Whitehorse, Yukon

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