The Heron's Nest

Volume XX, Number 1: March 2018

Haiku — page 9

campfire light
a stretch of song
along the river

Glenn G. Coats
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

porch light
piercing velvet dark
tree frog's trill

Ruth Yarrow
Ithaca, New York

war memorial
cicadas deliver
the sermon

Cynthia Rowe
Sydney, Australia

before we count
one one-thousand
the chandelier rattles

Nancy Shires
Greenville, North Carolina

fire season
not even the brightest

Christopher Herold
Port Townsend, Washington

all ears—
headlights startle
a yard full of rabbits

Marian Olson
Santa Fe, New Mexico

rounds of hay
ground mist fills the field
with moonlight

Rick Tarquinio
Woodruff, New Jersey

cicada stuck
in the pine tree's resin—
still it sings

Don McLeod
Sherman Oaks, California

aging in place
a favorite bench
where the sun stays longest

Peter Newton
Winchendon, Massachusetts

first day of school
pinecone clusters
in the top branches

Mary Stevens
Hurley, New York

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