The Heron's Nest

Volume XIX, Number 3: September 2017

Haiku — page 6

what my hands know
by heart

Anne Elise Burgevin
Pennsylvania Furnace

before it begins
the sound of rain
deep in the woods

Robert Forsythe
Annandale, Virginia

pink blossoms
in hanging baskets—
city life

Gary Silva
Napa, California

time alone
time together
sand pipers

Mimi Ahern
San Jose, California

family reunion
extra salt
and vinegar

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Dayton, Ohio

imagining her voice
a dawn wind
wrinkles the sea

Robert Witmer
Tokyo, Japan

lotus flower
the long climb
to sunlight

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

signing my will
with a new pen—
the summer wind

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California

forest stream...
dipping my head into
the world of pebbles

K. Ramesh
Chennai, India

oblique shadows
afternoon rests
on a wattlebird's tunes

Madhuri Pillai
Melbourne, Australia

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