The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI, Number 3: September 2019

Haiku — page 11

a snowflake melts
on my hand

Maureen Sexton
Perth, Australia

silent night—
the bell choir bells
at rest in velvet

Michael Dylan Welch
Sammamish, Washington

mackerel sky
a blue jay leaves
the feeder wobbling

Brad Bennett
Arlington, Massachusetts

my dog
takes her time
winter stars

Ann K. Schwader
Westminster, Colorado

snow on the roof
the crayons we wear
down to stubs

Glenn G. Coats
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

I keep house
dust bunnies

Christopher Patchel
Chicago, Illinois

moonlit bed
the cat kneads his way
into a dream

Carolyn Hall
San Francisco, California

late winter...
tobogganers resting
at the bottom of the hill

Marshall Bood
Regina, Saskatchewan

morning snow—
a filly stamps
in her stall

P M F Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

the dog's winter coat
left on the couch

Bryan Rickert
Belleville, Illinois

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