Peace is all around us
it is not a matter of faith
it is a matter of practice
          — Thich Nhat Hanh

Designed and published by Giselle Maya, this latest, limited edition offering of haiku, tanka, and renga is as beautifully crafted as previous books from Koyama Press. Must see, hold, and read to appreciate! Koyama Press: 84750 Saint Martin de Castillon, FRANCE



a morning glory
finds its way through
the wooden fence
          — Ion Codrescu

deep in the shell
held to the ear
there is silence
beneath the sea-echo
deep in that space
          — Elizabeth Searle Lamb
evening bell
swallows flying through
the deep tone
          — Giselle Maya


on our lips.
just floating
in August sun.
          — Pamela Miller Ness
freshly washed
the sound of the sea
in my hair
          — Jane Reichhold

nothing between
me and the rain
not a cloud of thought
          — June Moreau