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Volume XIII, Number 2: June, 2011.
Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Founding Editor:
Christopher Herold

a deceased friend
taps me on the shoulder —
plum blossoms falling

          Chen-ou Liu


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Alex Benedict
WebMaster 1999-2002

Alice Frampton
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Associate Editor 2002-2010

Paul David Mena
Webmaster 2002-2010


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John Stevenson

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Robert Bauer

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Fay Aoyagi
Ferris Gilli
Paul MacNeil
Scott Mason
Billie Wilson

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The Heron’s Nest is a quarterly journal. A new edition is published during the first week of March, June, September, and December. Included are several pages of haiku and one page presenting three Editors’ Choice haiku. In each issue The Heron’s Nest Award is given to one haiku. The winning haiku is posted on the home page, receives special commentary, and a certificate is sent to the poet. The Heron’s Nest will also appear in a single paper edition in April of each year. For details please see the About page. For information regarding how to submit, please click here.


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