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Readers' Choice Awards for 2013

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Volume XV, Number 3: September 2013

Each year, after the December issue of The Herons Nest is released, YOU (the reader) are invited to pick 10 haiku from those that we offered in the March, June, September and December issues, as your "Readers' Choices" . . . those that stuck in your mind, or were special for you. To view back issues click on "Archives".

      Last January (2012), seventy voters chose five haiku, and four haiku poets, as their favorites. To review last year's selections you can click here: AWARDS.

Vote for your 2012 Favorites . . .

We want your selections for the "best of the Nest" haiku from 2012.

      It's pretty simple; use this ARCHIVES link to review all of the 2012 back issue haiku contents. After your review, you will need to tell us the full name of the poet, first line of the poem, and the issue in which the poem appears, when you vote, also, please rank your choices, from first through tenth. It's fun to read and tour back through 2012. Send your choices directly to: John Stevenson, Managing Editor at by January 15, 2013 . . . Thanks for your time and input!

John Stevenson, Managing Editor


It is now possible to make advance orders for Volume 15 (2013). After many years of holding the line on costs to our readers it has finally become necessary to alter our prices for the latest issue, Volume 15 (2013), of The Heron's Nest. This is primarily due to great increases in mailing/shipping costs in recent years. The cost for each issue shipped to a US address will be $20. For addresses in Canada or Mexico the cost will be $25 and for all other locations, $30. We regret the necessity and hope that our readers will understand.

Volume 15 will be shipped in April 2014. Advance orders can be made in writing to:

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Checks should be payable (in US funds) to “The Heron’s Nest.” Postal money orders should be payable to “John Stevenson.”

Prepublication orders can also be placed via PayPal, here:

THN Volume 15

Copies of Volumes 10 - 14 (2008 - 2012) can still be ordered at the old rates ($17 US, $19 Canada/Mexico, $21 Other Location).

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