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Volume XV, Number3: September 2013.

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the silence
I once longed for
swollen moon

Elizabeth Steinglass
Washington, District of Columbia


 Spanish guitar . . .
something in me

Helen Buckingham
Bristol, Avon, England


the story
beyond it

Stephen A. Peters
Bellingham, Washington


snowflakes falling—
my thoughts gradually

Graham High
              Blackheath, London, United Kingdom


deep winter
she peels a tangelo

Ann K. Schwader
Westminster, Colorado



older and thinner
I'm more in touch
with my skeleton

Tom Tico
San Francisco, California


Thanksgiving visit—
everything but cookies
in the cookie jar

Al Fogel
Miami Beach, Florida


virgin snow
an old man's feet

Stuart Walker
Sapporo, Japan 


from here to not there kitchen mouse

Roland Packer
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


falling snow
her deep
husky whisper

Ernest Wit
Warsaw, Poland

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