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Volume XV, Number 1: March, 2013.

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Chase Fire

Jack Barry

Brandon Bordelon

Roberta Beary

Jan Dobb

Stephen A. Peters

Francine Banwarth

Sandra Mooney-

Ron C. Moss

Christopher Patchell

winter burial
the resurrection
of old photos

Chase Fire
Eastpoint, Michigan


a stalactite
of dried soap on the dispenser        
flu season

Brandon Bordelon
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


vase of snapdragons
a log in the fireplace

Jan Dobb
Canberra, Australia


the planets aligning
       I rearrange
my night

Francine Banwarth
Dubuque, Iowa


simmering milk . . .
my baby sister's bonnet
feathered with frost

Ron C. Moss
Leslie Vale, Tasmania, Australia



snow on old snow
twilight slowly
swallows the room

Jack Barry
Ashfield, Massachusetts


winter blues
the same orange liqueur            
my father drank

Roberta Beary
Bethesda, Maryland


I'll have
what they are having
winter roses

Stephen A. Peters
Bellingham, Washington


spring morning
the baby sleepers
hanging on the balcony

Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada


over the rainbow
and back
to the metronome

Christopher Patchel
Chicago, Illinois



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