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Volume XV, Number 2: June 2013.

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day crescent moon
a witchetty grub

Natasha Adams
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


of an aluminum bat …
red sky

Gwenn Gurnack
Boston, Massachusetts


so many stars the burden of small talk

Bob Lucky
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


rusted railway
a quick wind unzips
the grasses

Jan Dobb
Canberra, Australia


not supposed to
turn out this way

Sarah Clark Monagle
Virginia Beach, Virginia



another crabhouse lunch ultimatum

Lew Watts
                          Washington, District of Columbia


vireo's song
echoing from the kiva cliff
eight centuries later

Ruth Yarrow
Seattle, Washington


an airplane's deep drone
over the crepe myrtle

Lenard D. Moore
Raleigh, North Carolina


afternoon lull...
a mercy bullet
for the rabid dog

Curtis Dunlap
Mayodan, North Carolina


the swirl of caught fish
in the pail

George Swede
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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