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Volume XV, Number3: September 2013.

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an old reed song
my boat drifts
in that direction

Michael McClintock
Clovis, California


rustling leaves
it’s not that hard
to be born again

Robert Epstein
El Cerrito, California


just past sunrise
a patch of red in the
woodpecker hole

Brad Bennett
Arlington, Massachusetts


old neighborhood
I inhale
my ghost

S.M. Abeles
Washington, District of Columbia


by moonlight
an old regret

Bill Kenney
New York, New York



          a cobweb links
          man to heaven

Quendryth Young              
Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia              


          following the source 
          of a winged shadow
          day moon

Michelle Tennison                
Blackwood, New Jersey               


crossing the bridge where he jumped the city lights

frances angela
London, England


          abandoned house
          the broken milk box
          filled with moonlight

Robert Witmer               
Tokyo, Japan               


          birthday's end
          the hole in the fridge left
          by the cake box

David Jacobs               
London, United Kingdom               

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