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Volume XV, Number 2: June 2013.

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abandoned orchard
full of weeds
and ripe fruit

Bouwe Brouwer
Emmeloord, The Netherlands


those early dates
when we walked home
in the long-legged moonlight

David Caruso
Haddonfield, New Jersey


grass in the breeze
    again the beetle
       spreads its torn wings

Alexander B. Joy
Amherst, Massachusetts


so many ravens
the scarecrow looks
somewhere else

Patrick Druart
Urou et Crennes, France


mother's worries
wind generators chop
into the fog

Ron C. Moss
                Leslie Vale, Tasmania, Australia



moon viewing
a different angle
when we kiss

Roberta Beary
Bethesda, Maryland


on a string
not for long

Kristen Keckler
                   Sleepy Hollow, New York


changing seasons–
from donating to Goodwill
to shopping there

Jessica Malone Latham
SantaRosa, California


cool in the basement
a wooden whisky box
of my father's tools

Clyde Glandon
Tulsa, Oklahoma


across the book a fly's
long shadow

Stephen Kusch
Oakland, California

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