The Heron’s Nest


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Volume XV, Number 1: March, 2013.

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Brent Partridge

Michele L. Harvey

Tom Tico

Yu Chang

Alan S. Bridges

Stephen Kusch

Polona Oblak

Djuro Jaiye

Berenice Mortimer

LeRoy Gorman

October fragrance—
the flowers dictate
their own arrangement

Brent Partridge
Orinda, California


rounding up
    the fallen leaves—
         dust devil

Tom Tico
San Francisco, California


from a deer stand
the sun rises
hunter orange

Alan S. Bridges
Littleton, Massachusetts


a slight turbulence
as the cormorant dives—
autumn's end

Polona Oblak
Ljubljana, Slovenia


short day
bent twigs
in a shallow dish

Berenice Mortimer
            Westlock, Alberta, Canada



auroral night
a trucker's ham radio
crackles to life

Michele L. Harvey
Hamilton, New York


rain storm
she paints Florida

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York


Indian summer
in the fading light
butterfly tattoos

Stephen Kusch
Oakland, California


night shadow
there is no song
in this part of town

Duro Jaiye
Hirakata, Japan


Christmas greetings
the politician's card
leaves glitter everywhere          

LeRoy Gorman
Napanee, Ontario, Canada



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