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Volume XVI, Number3: September 2013.

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insomnia . . .
the stillness of a moth
on my closet mirror

                        Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
Bucharest, Romania


midsummer night
opening a window
into forever

Liz Rule
Victoria Point, Australia


afternoon breeze
the pace of paddle boats
in the park

Ben Moeller-Gaa
St. Louis, Missouri


Fifth of July
bottle caps
stamped in the sand

Trevor Pyle
Sedro-Woolley, Washington 


historic battlefield—
a young boy
straddles a cannon

George Dorsty
Yorktown, Virginia



take out window
I give my order to
a mouth and chin 

William Hart
Montrose, California  


longest day . . .
an ant circles
the sink drain

Michael L. Evans
Shelton, Washington


July 4th
the dog follows
her piccolo notes

Lauren Mayhew
Somerville, Massachusetts


little league mound
a whiff of his hero’s

Bill Cooper
Richmond, Virginia


my eyes following cows following cows

Warren Gossett
Twin Falls, Idaho

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