The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 2: June 2015

Haiku — page 11

November morning—
the barn's shadow meets
the frost line in the meadow

Wally Swist
Amherst, Massachusetts

peeling clapboards
a snow flake settles
on the pink flamingo

Bill Deegan
Mahwah, New Jersey

rising breath...
Gran reaches for branches
with snow-laden cones

David He
Gansu Province, China

ice storm
bishop takes knight
by candlelight

Marsh Muirhead
Bemidji, Minnesota

the darkness
of the wind

Bill Kenney
Whitestone, New York

cold dawn
the old Ford turns over

Jose del Valle
Rockville, Rhode Island

Christmas eve—
brand new seed
in the feeder

Stephen Amor
Fremont, Ohio

snowed in...
after the piña colada
dreaming in color

Charlotte Digregorio
Winnetka, Illinois

an owl's
daytime hoots
lunar eclipse

Peg McAulay Byrd
Madison, New Jersey

winter stars
prayer candles burn
in an empty church

Robert Witmer
Tokyo, Japan


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