` The Heron's Nest - Volume XVII, Number 2: June 2015 - page 3

The Heron's Nest

Volume XVII, Number 2: June 2015

Haiku — page 3

harvest moon rising...
the smell
of his new Jaguar

Chen-ou Liu
Ajax, Ontario

after rain
the yellow of gorse
the black of slate

John Rowlands
Tremadog, Cymru/Wales

small town—
the only light
is red

George Dorsty
Yorktown, Virginia

returning home
after living abroad—
the smell of thyme

Freddy Ben-Arroyo
Haifa, Israel

old barn
the scent of jerseys
and bailer twine

Anna Cates
Wilmington, Ohio

first chill
I wonder about
yesterday's bee

Marion Clarke
Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

my creaking joints cicadas

Anna Maris
Tomelilla, Sweden

for persimmons—

Alexis Rotella
Arnold, Maryland

a harrier, low
over the silver-blues
of the evening marshes

John Barlow
Ormskirk, England

harbour quay
the sound of a tugboat
wrapped in fog

Susan Constable
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

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